Monday, May 5, 2014

Conversations at Noon: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: The Labor Movement in Connecticut

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: The Labor Movement in Connecticut
Old State House, Conversations at Noon – Tues, May 20

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                                                                                                                          May 5, 2014
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As Connecticut struggles to retain jobs and attract new companies, we often hear that people are moving out of the state because they can’t find work; yet not that long ago Connecticut had one of the lowest unemployment rates of any state in the nation.

Where did the jobs go? Where will new jobs come from? Discover the answers to these questions and more on Tuesday, May 20 as the Old State House welcomes featured speaker Dr. Cecelia Bucki, Professor of History at Fairfield University, for the next installment of Conversations at Noon.

During her talk, Dr. Bucki will discuss the rise of factories during the nineteenth century and the employees who formed unions to fight for better working conditions. Following her lecture, Dr. Bucki will be joined by John Olsen, President Emeritus of the Connecticut AFL-CIO, and Dan Haar, Business Columnist for The Hartford Courant, for a panel discussion moderated by the Connecticut Network’s (CT-N) Diane Smith. The panel will focus on the future of jobs in Connecticut and will allow the audience to share their views and ask questions.

Bring your lunch and enjoy this free program, which lasts one hour. Conversations at Noon: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: The Labor Movement in Connecticut is co-sponsored by Connecticut Explored, with major funding provided by Connecticut Humanities.

Located in Hartford, just a short walk from the Wadsworth Atheneum and Connecticut Science Center, Connecticut’s Old State House was the Constitution State’s original seat of government from 1796 to 1878 and was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1960. For more information on admission prices, upcoming events and parking discounts nearby, follow the Old State House on Facebook and Twitter or visit its website at Conversations at Noon is taped in front of a live audience by the Connecticut Network - past programs can be viewed On-Demand on